10 Best Barbecue Budget Pointers Beginning with La Caja China Pig Cookers for Sale

pig roaster for saleThe best way to celebrate Memorial Day is with a whole hog barbecue. Gather your friends and family and bring out the pig for the grill. What? You don’t have a grill? Come on and check out La Caja China pig cookers for sale. While browsing through the awesome selection, consider these 10 tips to make your home barbecue special.

1. Cook something that smells good. Nothing whets the appetite of the guests like a roasting pig. Add extra hickory or cherry to rev up the alluring aroma.

2. Rely on traditional dishes but spruce them up some. Everyone will be looking for the tater salad, slaw, and baked beans, so don’t disappoint by serving that new avant garde recipe with unidentifiable ingredients. Instead, enjoy the conventional classics with just a little different zest, like adding jalapenos to your potato salad.

3. Make a little extra for supper for the week ahead. Before serving your guests, take out a casserole of pulled pork to make fajitas, empanadas, or barbecue nachos for dinner during the hectic week.

4. Make your own sauces and salsas. Instead of buying the same old store bought, make your own spicy salsas with pineapple and poblano peppers, or jalapeno jelly.

5. Keep the fuel frugal. Don’t use too much wood or charcoal, have the patience to wait for the grill to get hot.

6. Pick the right tools for the job. Don’t use the Dollar Store brand of tools, use the heavy-duty industrial chef tools that deliver quality.

7. Be friends with your butcher. If you know your butcher personally, they will give you a better break on your meat prices.

8. Buy a great grill and take care of it. Cleaning the grill thoroughly will help with the life expectancy.

9. Buy a meat thermometer and use it. It is important to cook pork to the right temperature.

10. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Buy the best grill you can afford and go cheap for the decorations.

Purchase your pig cooker on sale to assure the best price, but buy the best cooker to assure the best bargain for your barbecue.