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How to Enjoy The Convenience of Your Outdoor Pig Rotisserie

Pig Rotisserie – Your Partner in Barbecue Parties Everyone loves to cook outdoors. It gives them the old fashioned camp fire feeling. The aroma of the food cooking makes your mouth water and makes your belly rumble. Whether you are … Continue reading

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Use Your La Caja China Pig Cooker to Make a Texas Brisket!

Pig Cooker – Your Partner in Making Your Gathering Unforgettable Beefy, moist, falling-apart tender brisket is what you have with these easy instructions for preparing one 15-pound brisket on La Caja China Pig Cooker model #3. The same process works … Continue reading

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What is the La Caja China BBQ Roaster? Recipes, Tips and More!

The “La Caja China” is a box designed to barbecue a whole pig, yet it will cook any other type of meat as well and acts more than a BBQ Roaster.  The pig (or other meat) is placed inside the … Continue reading

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Pig Cookers – La Caja China History and More

La Caja China Pig Cookers History It was Christmas in 1985 when Roberto Guerra’s father first mentioned the long, wooden box he remembered from his childhood. The younger Guerra was cooking a pig on a makeshift barbecue but was complaining … Continue reading

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Whole Pig Roast – The Secret Way To Roast a Whole Pig Efficiently

The Key To Cooking a Whole Pig Roast Time. It’s all about time. You have to brine [the pig] for 24 hours. I actually didn’t have a container big enough for this guy so I got a huge garbage pail … Continue reading

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The Secret Variations of Roasting a Pig to Make it Tender & Juicer Than Ever!

Roasting a Pig Was Never Too Easy While many people believe about Roasting a pig as being fatty, actually it is lower in fat and ample in vitamins like B6, B12, potassium and iron. Some lean meat cuts are comparable … Continue reading

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Choose The Best Pig Roaster For All Occasions — Spend Less Time & Money!

The Best Pig Roaster That Will Do The Job For You Deciding to have an occasion which features roasting a pig can involve many things. The size of the pig, the number of people, the type of roasting are all … Continue reading

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A Succulent Pig in a La Caja China Hog Roaster

Since medieval times, using the hog roaster for pigs has been the preferred form of entertainment and feeding the masses in the US. There is nothing quite like a succulent pig slowly being cooked in a hog roaster, browning before … Continue reading

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