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Spit Roast Pig – Perfect For Setting Up Your Party Ala Luau

Spit Roast Pig – Kick It Up Several Notches Ahead If you are thinking of a great party idea this summer and think a luau has been done too many times, but you really want one anyway. Take a regular … Continue reading

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BBQ Pit Smoker – What Makes High-End BBQ Smoker Pits Worth Your Money?

BBQ Pit Smoker – Are High-Grade Brands Worth It? You can walk into a major “everything under one roof” retailer and find a variety of BBQ pit smoker for sale. Some of them will cost less than fifty collars. You … Continue reading

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Spit Roaster – A Blast From The Past Scrumptious Way of Cooking

Spit Roaster – Making Your Barbecue Parties Great A spit roaster is a way to cook meat, historically very large sections of meat. There is a long metal rod that the meat is skewed on and there is a fire … Continue reading

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How to Tenderly Cook Your Whole Pig With La Caja China Roasting Box

How to Cook a Pig Our goal here is to provide a step-by-step guide that will make you look like a La Caja China style grill master from the start.  So, let us show you how to cook a pig! … Continue reading

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Pig Cooker – How to Build a Pig Cooker if You Still Have The Time

Pig Cooker – The Steps in Building Building your own Pig Cooker can sound intimidating but it can be simple and give you a whole new way of cooking! Roasting a whole pig in your Pig Cooker at home doesn’t … Continue reading

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Pig Roasting – Great Techniques On Roasting a Pig For Any Events

Pig Roasting – Tips To Get It Done Nice and Easy Deciding to have an occasion which features Pig Roasting can involve many things. The size of the pig, the number of people, the type of roasting are all part … Continue reading

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Hog Roaster – Is It More Convenient To Make Your Own Or Buy The Best?

Hog Roaster – Buy or Make? When you decide to get yourself a Hog Roaster the very first choice you have to make is to go out and buy one from the local garden or home improvement centre or to … Continue reading

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Having a Luau Using Your La Caja China Pig Roaster

Home parties are becoming very popular again. Today’s economy is forcing us all to tighten our belts. Save money by staying home instead of going out. Invite your family and friends over for an unforgettable afternoon. Hold a Luau with … Continue reading

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Roasting a Pig Guidelines That You Must know For Your Events

Roasting a Pig With Your Friends North East or not, since medieval times, Roasting a pig been the preferred form of entertainment and feeding the masses. There is nothing quite like a succulent hog slowly turning on the spit, browning … Continue reading

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