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Great Information to Know About a BBQ Pit Smoker Before Purchasing One

BBQ Pit Smoker – What Do You Really Need? If you are looking for a BBQ pit smoker there are many to choose from. First you should decide on the size of the pit you are looking for. BBQ pits … Continue reading

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Are Spit Roaster BBQ’s The Answer For Your BBQ Parties?

Spit Roaster BBQ’s – Are They Right for You? I love a good spit roaster and it’s a great feature to base a party around. People will congregate around it with a couple of drinks and the conversation will flow. … Continue reading

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Whole Pig – Top 10 Necessities to Remember For Roasting a Whole Pig

How to Make Your Whole Pig Stand Out in BBQ Parties Deciding to roast a whole pig is a huge feat, and requires a lot of planning for a successful outcome. It may sound like a glorified barbecue, but the … Continue reading

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How is a Homemade Pig Cooker Different From a Professionally Engineered One?

Build Your Own or Just Buy a High-End Pig Cooker? The oil drum pig cooker is becoming more and more popular as people look to make the most of the summer sunshine in their back garden. The pig cooker is … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Your Pig Roasting and Make Your Party Memorable

Pig Roasting – Made it Easy for You Pig Roasting (hog roast for the southerners among us) is a holiday tradition we all love to follow, its fun and a great way to chill out with family and friends during … Continue reading

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Why Pig Roaster BBQ Grills Will Definitely Be Spectacular For Your Parties

Set Your Pig Roaster As The Showcase The BBQ party is a great way to entertain. However there is a subtle difference in entertaining a small crown of friends with a back yard BBQ party and trying to entertain and … Continue reading

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Roasting a Pig Has Never Been Easier for Your Unforgettable Luau Party Theme

Home parties are becoming very popular again. Today’s economy is forcing us all to tighten our belts. Save money by staying home instead of going out. Invite your family and friends over for an unforgettable afternoon while roasting a pig. … Continue reading

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Showcasing Your Spit Roaster with BBQ Parties at Home

With the economy these days, everyone is looking to save a few dollars wherever possible. It almost seems like over the past few years people have forgotten to look for the cheaper alternative and become too accustomed to paying out … Continue reading

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