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The Advantages of Having a Spit Roaster in Your Special Event

Your Spit Roaster Can Be the Star of the Party The center of attraction on a garden party is the roast. People will gather around it, looking and observing how the pig is slowly becoming a delicious meal. It is … Continue reading

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Roasting a Whole Pig in Six Easy Steps

The center of attraction for parties is the food that would be served. Guests are looking forward to the place, the activities, but most of all the food that will go in to their mouths. But some are dissatisfied, because … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Pig Cooker All Around the World

How Do Different Cultures Use Pig Cooker BBQ Grills? We all like to think that we invented barbecue. The truth, however, is that different cultures in different countries throughout the world have their own homegrown styles of Pig Cookers, some … Continue reading

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Important Steps in Roasting a Pig

Pig Roasting Pig Roasting is great fun and easy. The basic principles need to be understood and its plain sailing. The Pig Roasting outcome is dependant of the type of the roaster and of the meat being used. Our ancestors … Continue reading

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The Beauty of a Hog Roaster for Any Types of Events

Hog Roaster Grills and its Significance One of the ultimate dining experiences, hog roasts have gained a widespread popularity in the US, thanks to a handful of first class caterers who have dedicated themselves to creating the perfect catering solution … Continue reading

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La Caja China Pig Roaster Barbecue Pulled Pork Recipe

Would you like to whip up something new and delectable using your pig roaster? Well, this is a great opportunity to try out this new recipe! Let’s begin with our ingredients and prepare our La Caja China pig roaster. Prepare … Continue reading

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The Untold Chronicles of Roasting a Pig That You Must Know

Roasting a Pig – How it Originated The word Barbecue (BBQ for short) comes from the West Indies word, “barbacoa”, which means to slow cook meat over hot coals. Roasting a Pig has been around since before the Civil War, … Continue reading

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Are Pig Roasters Made of Oil Drum Good for Catering a Crowd?

Pig Roasters – BBQ Parties vs Hotel Catering Catering for a crowd can be a real headache! Maybe you’re celebrating a family members birthday and have a big party planned or maybe you’re just having some friends over for the … Continue reading

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How a Spit Roast Pig Can Level Up Without Ruining Your Guests’ Attire

Spit Roast Pig – Kick it Up a Notch Having a Spit Roast Pig at a garden party or BBQ is not Homer Simpson event. Cooking a Spit Roast Pig takes a lot of skill and much preparation. Understanding how … Continue reading

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