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A Must-Try Mouthwatering Beef Rib Recipe

Still deciding on a great dish to serve your friends and family? Do you think it’s about time to try something new? Well, thanks to Perk’s blog, we now have an addition to our menu! Try out this delectable beef … Continue reading

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Discover One of the Finest Pork Loin Recipes

Marinated pork loin recipes are merely pork loin that can be marinated within a solution for a certain period of time. That simple description doesn’t start to cover the tender, juicy loin that results! A marinade is similar to brine, … Continue reading

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Just about everything You Ought to Know About Pork Shoulder Roast

I can’t stop speaking about the pork shoulder roast! You can obtain cheap pork cuts, and when I pick up a four pounder, consequently that very good sized slice of meat feeds an evening meal social gathering of six or … Continue reading

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The Perfect La Caja China Luau Pork Shoulder Roast Recipe

Friends, Football and BBQ at the tail gate or on the patio; how can it get better than this? Pork Shoulder is a great choice for a main fare feature at your next gathering and it has two great advantages. … Continue reading

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Easy Steps to a Scrumptious Lamb Roast Recipe

Roast Lamb Recipe If you fancy something a little different this Sunday, try this classic roast lamb recipe with a French twist. Plus, I’ve added two recipes for boulangère potatoes and redcurrant gravy to give your meal a real rustic … Continue reading

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