A Beautiful Pig Set

beautiful pig

Beautiful pig roast presentation

The Centerpiece of the Table

When roasting a pig the underlying theme is getting together with friends and family and enjoying good food. It doesn’t matter if its formal or informal, the roasted pig is the conversation starter and the tasty delight of the day. The pictured image was taken from a birthday party in Miami, Florida.

The golden glaze of the chicharrón is the focal point of this beautifully presented table. Besides the lechón, the table features black beans and rice, yuca, a fresh garden salad, fried plantains and sliced avocado. Note the Adobo dry rub and the Mojo in the glass, used to marinate the pig. These marinades part of the traditional Cuban recipes that were used to beat Bobby Flay in Throwdown seen on the Food Network.

This is a beautifully presented whole cooked pig with La Caja China. But, the beautiful part is the experiencing it with your family.