A Succulent Pig in a La Caja China Hog Roaster

The best hog roaster in the market todaySince medieval times, using the hog roaster for pigs has been the preferred form of entertainment and feeding the masses in the US. There is nothing quite like a succulent pig slowly being cooked in a hog roaster, browning before your very eyes, the juices sizzling on the coals. All your senses are overwhelmed by the feast preparing itself. Catering for a large group can be problematic – the food is often less tasty, not very attractive and quite unimaginative. With the right hog roaster like the La Caja China, the meat remains hot and juicy right up to the moment of dishing up to the slavering crowd.

Choice Ingredients and Your Hog Roaster

The secret is to start with ingredients of the highest quality, to ensure a satisfying result. The rind needs to be scored evenly and salted correctly to ensure it produces superior crackling. Enough time should be allowed for the pig to cook slowly and evenly to perfection – this could be up to five hours for a large porker. Many companies go the whole hog and do everything for the function themselves, but it is possible for the host, with some guidance and instruction, to do the roast by himself, thus impressing friend and foe alike, with a La Caja China.

Garden Party Using Your Hog Roaster

Whether you are planning a back garden bash for friends and family or a dinner party with guests in evening wear, using the La Caja China hog roaster is the perfect choice.   For other kinds of pig roasters, sometimes the pig will be carved right on the hog roaster; at other times it will be done on a carving platform within sight of the people, thus adding an element of interest to the proceedings. Guests could even have their own hunk of hog to carve on the table, creating a real entertainment factor.

Using Your Hog Roaster Can Feed a Lot of Guests

People often leave a function feeling dissatisfied with the portions of food they received.   By serving a pig using a hog roaster, this problem becomes a thing of the past. Portions are generous and there is always the opportunity of going back for seconds. One hog could feed up to 200 mouths, so this form of entertaining is one of the most economical for any sizable group of guests. There are also the extras – apple sauce or mustard, home-baked bread, sandwich platters, baps, salads and desserts – to supplement the basic meat fare and satisfy even the health conscious. So for your next function, forget the boring platters or predictable restaurant fare. Get guests contemplating and admiring the centrepiece of the function – a juicy supreme hog roast enticingly cooked over hot coals, turning crisp and brown while giving off an intoxicating aroma.

Now that is superior entertaining, whatever the weather. To achieve the perfect hog roast, get one of our La Caja China boxes now!

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