Al Roker Loves La Caja China

“It’s Like Pig Heaven”

This video clip is from Al Roker’s show, Roker on the Road. The segment features the famous pig roaster, La Caja China.

Roker travels to sunny Miami where La Caja China boxes are made. At first, he tours the factory of La Caja China, discovering how the operation works. The uniqueness of the box is it roasts a whole pig in about 3.5 hours. This is significantly less time than other various methods.

Later in the video, Roker interviews Roberto Guerra, the founder of La Caja China. Guerra explains the concept of La Caja China originated in China, however it was refined, developed and established by himself, in the United States. Roker and Guerra proceeded to cook a pig in La Caja China.

After showcasing the boxes, the camera displayed the beautiful result, a golden glazed pig. Roker and Guerra were able to sit down and enjoy the tender pork they cooked. Roker took note of the traditional side dishes served with the roasted pork, such as moros (black beans and rice) and yuca.

As Roker was eating his meal he announced to the world that Roberto is the King of Pork.

“It’s good to be the king, and it’s good to enjoy a perfectly good pork roast in half the time.”