Are Pig Roasters Made of Oil Drum Good for Catering a Crowd?

Pig RoastersPig Roasters – BBQ Parties vs Hotel Catering

Catering for a crowd can be a real headache! Maybe you’re celebrating a family members birthday and have a big party planned or maybe you’re just having some friends over for the hell of it, whatever the reason, at some time or another you may be faced with the prospect of feeding a lot of people at once, depending on just how many people, this can be a daunting task! Perhaps the last thing that would pop in your mind is to have pig roasters BBQ party.

You have a couple of options if you find yourself in this position. The first is to hire out a function room in a local hotel, and let the hotel deal with the catering. Sure this takes care of a lot of the headaches, but it’s expensive, depending on the hotel it can be prohibitively expensive!! Another option is the home catering team. If you have the space you can host the party back at your house, then just hire caterers to come and do all the food for you! I’ve tried this, and have never been a 100% happy with the result. It’s still expensive, and there’s something very impersonal about having strangers come to your house to feed you!

Pig Roasters for Parties is Still the Best option

For me the best option for feeding the hungry masses that ticks all the boxes is pig roasters BBQ party. It’s relatively cheap in comparison with the other options, and once you have your preparation done in advance its super low maintenance (provided you automate your rotisserie) until it comes time to carve up and serve!

Pig roasters are not the most common back yard item, but the simplest way to get your hands on one is to make it! This is a lot easier than you might imagine! Oil drum pig roasters are made from a 55 gallon oil drum. These are cheap and pretty easy to source but of course you have to expect that there will be a lot of work to do before you can create one yourself.

Buying Top of the Line Pig Roasters is Still the Most Practical

The basic principle is as follows; the drum is cut in half and hinged back together. The pig spit or rotisserie is then mounted over the open drum, simply light your fire and start roasting! The oil drum pig roaster is a great focal point for a BBQ party and is fantastic for building peoples anticipation and appetite as they smell the sweet aroma of roasting bacon.

However, it still boils down to how convenient building your own pig roaster will be. Would it be cheaper? Can it cater to all your BBQ needs? Does it have all the features of the best pig roasters out in the market? Can it last long? Would it turn out to be elegant and efficient? Those are some of the question you have to take note of first before deciding in building your own. Perhaps it will be wiser if you just purchase your own and purchase the best to cut to the chase.

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