Are Spit Roaster BBQ’s The Answer For Your BBQ Parties?

Spit RoasterSpit Roaster BBQ’s – Are They Right for You?

I love a good spit roaster and it’s a great feature to base a party around. People will congregate around it with a couple of drinks and the conversation will flow. On top of that, it’s very hard to make any serious mistakes as it’s such a slow cooking technique.

Most meat will be cooked in the spit roaster really well and I’ve tried many of them myself – kangaroo, sheep, goat, pig and even one that had a dozen chickens speared onto the main shaft!

The Spit Roaster Pros:

Having one of these babies at a party, you will become the social center of the event. People love gathering around a spit-roast (unless it’s stinking hot) and helping out in some small way. Not to mention taking the odd sample or two.
The meat is beautifully tender and the fantastic taste is unlike any other technique/style.
Obviously there’s a lot of meat – that’s always good.
It’s not quite a case of “set it and forget it”, but it’s pretty close.
If the guests are hungry, or it’s taking longer than you thought, you can slice off the outer, cooked meat to give your guests something to eat. The remaining meat will then cook faster than it would have previously.

The Spit Roaster Cons:

Has to be done outside, or at least in a very open, covered area – therefore it’s not normally a popular idea in poor weather.
They do take several hours to cook, depending on the size and type of the animal – if you don’t have that sort of time, this is not for you.
They usually require more than one person to setup. Handling a full carcass, setting it on the spear and getting the balance right is all really a two-person job.
You need to allow 2-3 hours before your cooking time begins to allow the wood to burn down to charcoal. You can’t cook over a raging flame, despite what you see in a number of movies.


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