B-B-Q Menu Includes Smoked Turkey for Low-Fat Tantalizing Table

The La Caja China, or Cuban microwave,  is well-known for the speed and ease with which pigs can be roasted and there is an extensive b-b-q menu that the La Caja China can help prepare. These recipes can be found on the La Caja China website, and include recipes for ribs, brisket, and even turkey.

Holiday get-togethers can be a breeze with the La Caja China. Turkey is a popular food choice for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Easter. It is also a good choice for any gathering with family and friends. La Caja China can make a turkey that is juicy and flavorful with its unique, box-like structure.

The first step is to place the turkey between the racks, with breast down for a whole turkey, or skin down for a split turkey. Then, attach the racks together with 4 s-hooks. Next, add a gallon of water to the drip tray. If you want additional flavor, you can add spices, or even beer to the drip tray as well.

Once this is complete, place the turkey inside the box. Probe the turkey with a meat thermometer, and run the wire through the top of the box. Then, place the ash pan atop the box, followed by the charcoal grid. Depending on the model, add either 12 or 16 pounds of charcoal to the grid. The charcoal should take 20 to 25 minutes to light, and then should be spread evenly across the charcoal grid.

One hour after the charcoal is lit, remove the ash pan and charcoal grid. Flip the turkey over. Then, replace the turkey in the box and set the ash pan and charcoal grid in it again. The meat thermometer will be the judge of when the turkey is finished. Add five pounds of charcoal every hour until the turkey is done. It should have an internal temperature of 175 degrees.

The La Caja China BBQ turkeylogo will be sure to please for family members on a low-fat restricted diet.

It is only one of many juicy, tender, flavorful recipes in the La Caja China recipe section that ranges from roasted pigs to BBQ brisket.