The Best Accessories for Your Caja China BBQ Grills

La Caja China is one of the best BBQ grills in the market today.  This box allows you to cook any type of meat conveniently and deliciously.    With its easy to assemble instructions and step by step cooking method, even a newbie would be able to roast in this box easily.

BBQ Grills and Accessories

Barbeque grillingAside from the Caja China bbq grill, you will also be needing some charcoal, preferably Kingsford, because it lights faster, burns even and lasts longer.  While cooking, you need gloves ($9.99) to be able to protect your hands and avoid getting injured.  However, the most important add on for this barbecue grilling box is the wired meat thermometer. ($29.99)  With this, there will be no more guessing and you will know when your meat is done.

Bbq grillsUsing this grilling accessory gives you control on the temperature of the meat.  When roasting a pig, you just have to connect that probe of the wire meat thermometer into the ham of the pig.  After doing so, add charcoal around seven to eight pounds of charcoal every hour until you reach 187 degrees.

Then,  you can open the box for the first time and dispose of the ashes to crispy the skin, so this way it’s foolproof.  You can now carefully shake the ashes off the coals on to the grill pan.

Quality Barbecue Grilling Accessories

If your roasting box will be placed outdoors, you will be needing a heavy duty vinyl cover ($35.00).  This fits perfectly on your roaster to protect it from dust and water.

Bbq grillAnother highly recommended add on accessory is our Top grill ($34.99).  This becomes really handy and convenient to allow you to grill burgers, sausages, vegetables and other appetizers while waiting for your meat to be cooked.

When you are done roasting, make sure to get rid of the ashes you have used.  With our metal ash disposal system ($89.99), you dispose ashes safely and conveniently.  This is easily done by dropping it in the ash bin with the grid inside the box.

If you need to get the best BBQ grill accessories for your Caja China box, visit their website at  and place your order today.