BBQ Smokers

BBQ Smokers – Which One Should I Buy?

A lot of times once someone gets hooked on barbeque, they start asking since there are so many different kinds of BBQ smokers out there, which one should I buy? And that is an entirely appropriate response for there are quite a few. I mean, let’s face it, once you have been to a real barbeque joint, (I like that word, ‘joint’), and have tasted the real thing, well, you want it at home. And that is OK.

Yes, you can have that same barbeque experience at home with your own smoker. But there are so many different kinds of BBQ smokers out there, which one should you buy?

First of all, a barbecue smoker (BBQ smoker) is nothing more than a contraption, machine, unit that just gives you an environment for smoking food. That is it… a nutshell. But the whole process is controlled with just the right amount of smoke and heat and air flow. You want to keep the temperature of the food which you are smoking at the right temperature without all the ups and downs in temperature.

Look, it is just this easy; if you can control the temperature, the heat, the air flow, then your food which you smoke will come out perfect. And this is entirely regardless of whether it is:

* pork shoulder (for pulled pork)

* beef brisket (Texas BBQ)

* St. Louis style ribs (hello, Missouri)

* baby back ribs (…talking to you, Kansas)

You Can Grill Veggies on Your BBQ Smokers

BBQ smokersYou can even grill up some veggies for those folks out there in Santa Barbara. It does not matter what you are fixin’ up, but the ability to control certain issues is what is going to determine which of the many different types of BBQ smokers out there to buy.

Control of the Fire

One of the most important things you want to consider is how is this thing going to be powered. The fire, do you want it gas, charcoal, electric? These are very important issues to consider. Now you can get a horizontal smoker, but one of the disadvantages there is the the temperature is hotter closer to the fire source than further away. The disadvantage being is that you do not have a controlled heat all throughout your cooking area.

One way around that is to use a vertical smoker. This way you can more control the proper temperature more accurately. On your BBQ smokers just realize that you can use gas, you can use charcoal, but the important thing is to keep that temperature around 225 degrees F. throughout your cooking process. Electric is just about the most accurate and will stay that way for you. But that does not mean that you have to go with that; it is your choice.

With the vertical smokers out there, here is another plus to consider. You usually have a drip or water pan in there, and if your fire gets just a little too hot, you can add a little more water to the pan. This will help regulate your temperature. And also, as the water evaporates it will keep your food moist as it smokes.

Choose BBQ Smokers that Suit Your Needs

Here to recap everything, you want to choose from the BBQ smokers out there one that is either powered by gas, charcoal, or electric. And you want to be able to control the temperature of your fire and not have it fluctuate up and down. Then you also want to be able to control your air flow which will also help you to control that temperature.   You will probably have your own smoker for a very long time and it will, if you use it right, give you really good barbeque for many years to come, so choose wisely from that list of BBQ smokers!