Beef Ribs Recipe on Your Model #3

Recipe by Rafael Galan

1. Place large piece of foil on the bottom of the Caja China enough to cover the sides at least an inch or two (this will help with the cleaning).
2. Place a shallow baking pan and a rack so there’s a space between the pan and the ribs.
3. Pour a beer in the pan and place the ribs bone side up. (I seasoned the beef ribs with Adobo).
4. Cover Box with ash pan.
5. Add 5 lbs of Charcoal and light it up. (I use a Weber Rapid fire Chimney, it holds exactly 5lbs and it takes 20 to 25 min and no need for fluid).
6. Once lit spread coals evenly and start your cooking time.
7. After 1 hr add another 3lbs of charcoal.
8. After 30min add another 3lbs. Then remove tray apply BBQ sauce, flip ribs apply BBQ and cover.
9. Cook for 30 min and check for desired look (I keep mine 45 minutes then remove and let rest).