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Roast a Pig & Make it Stand Out in Your Family Gatherings

Summer gatherings are great events and this can be a wonderful opportunity to bond the family together especially during weekends. This year marked the fifth pig we put on the roaster and it certainly was one of the best. Here … Continue reading

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Things to Know When Building Your Roaster For Your Pig Roasting Event

The Significance of Pig Roasting Pig roasting is a holiday tradition celebrated all over the world. Friends and families gather on one hot summer noon to roast a pig. At the same time, different activities are being held while waiting … Continue reading

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Important Steps in Roasting a Pig

Pig Roasting Pig Roasting is great fun and easy. The basic principles need to be understood and its plain sailing. The Pig Roasting outcome is dependant of the type of the roaster and of the meat being used. Our ancestors … Continue reading

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The Untold Chronicles of Roasting a Pig That You Must Know

Roasting a Pig – How it Originated The word Barbecue (BBQ for short) comes from the West Indies word, “barbacoa”, which means to slow cook meat over hot coals. Roasting a Pig has been around since before the Civil War, … Continue reading

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How a Spit Roast Pig Can Level Up Without Ruining Your Guests’ Attire

Spit Roast Pig – Kick it Up a Notch Having a Spit Roast Pig at a garden party or BBQ is not Homer Simpson event. Cooking a Spit Roast Pig takes a lot of skill and much preparation. Understanding how … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Your Pig Roasting and Make Your Party Memorable

Pig Roasting – Made it Easy for You Pig Roasting (hog roast for the southerners among us) is a holiday tradition we all love to follow, its fun and a great way to chill out with family and friends during … Continue reading

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Roasting a Pig Has Never Been Easier for Your Unforgettable Luau Party Theme

Home parties are becoming very popular again. Today’s economy is forcing us all to tighten our belts. Save money by staying home instead of going out. Invite your family and friends over for an unforgettable afternoon while roasting a pig. … Continue reading

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Spit Roast Pig – Perfect For Setting Up Your Party Ala Luau

Spit Roast Pig – Kick It Up Several Notches Ahead If you are thinking of a great party idea this summer and think a luau has been done too many times, but you really want one anyway. Take a regular … Continue reading

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Pig Roasting – Great Techniques On Roasting a Pig For Any Events

Pig Roasting – Tips To Get It Done Nice and Easy Deciding to have an occasion which features Pig Roasting can involve many things. The size of the pig, the number of people, the type of roasting are all part … Continue reading

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Roasting a Pig Guidelines That You Must know For Your Events

Roasting a Pig With Your Friends North East or not, since medieval times, Roasting a pig been the preferred form of entertainment and feeding the masses. There is nothing quite like a succulent hog slowly turning on the spit, browning … Continue reading

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