Chef Adam Perry Lang’s Spicy, Sweet & Sour Recipe

Chef Adam Perry Lang with Al Roker at Food & Wine Festival in Miami

The Famous Barbecue Chef, Adam Perry Lang, shares a recipe for La Caja China

Pig hogs or lechón is fantastic—if you’re feeding eighty people. But when your crowd is smaller, suckling pigs are the way to give your guests the dramatic effect that comes from serving an entire animal. And there’s no easier or quicker way to make them than in a La Caja China.

Developed by Roberto Guerra, who gave me this recipe, this relatively inexpensive device gives you meat that’s nearly dripping with juice and skin as crisp as a potato chip.

To cut through the beautiful fattiness, a tangy, garlicky mojo performs like a pro. Traditionally, it’s made with the juice from sour oranges, but I usually substitute a mixture of regular orange and lime juice if sour oranges are not available.

Sound delicious enough? Read the full Recipe on Adam Perry Lang’s official website, Crispy Suckling Pig with Spicy Sweet-Sour Glaze – Adam Perry Lang.