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Clambake La Caja China

Clambake La Caja ChinaMark Stark, a Chef and owner of four restaurants in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg really enjoys the convenience and cooking style of La Caja China Roasting Box!

Mark came up with an alternative type of West Coast cooking that would be quick but still scrumptious since his wife and some friends will be spending the whole day at the Doran Beach, and we all know that pulling off an East Coast clambake at the beach requires a lot of time and effort!

Using their La Caja China Roasting box, Mark started working on his West Coast clambake. He included in his recipe, potatoes, Brentwood corn, homemade chorizo, Head-on shrimp from Monterey, Manila clams from Hog Island Oysters and mussels from Prince Edward Island. Of course to complete its West Coast style version, they’ve added the lobster.

Why La Caja China Can Make a Perfect Clambake Recipe

  • While Stark was cooking he said, “I’m calling it Box on the Beach… Nobody has done this before!” According to him, La Cha China functions like a broiler, that’s why all the juices and aroma are trapped inside so nothing is put into waste.
  • After a little more than two hours, everything was set and they then spread the veggies and seafood on the table together with jars of whipped garlic butter and romesco sauce for dipping.
  • They’ve all enjoyed the sound of waves and the smell of charcoal that blends through the air along the beach while devouring their freshly cooked La Caja China clambake together with their friends! You can’t beat that!

Choose Only La Caja China for Clambakes

  • Cooking has never been easier…with its quality and high-end materials, La Caja China Roasting Box was engineered and specifically designed to cook food in a timely manner and yet will still bring out the best flavors.
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