DIY Hog Roast on a La Caja China Grill Equals DIY Fun

DIY hog roastBefore deciding that cooking a whole pig at home is too much hassle, consider trying a recipe for a DIY hog roast on a La Caja China grill. All you will need is a large grill, a whole pig, and a few other utensils and ingredients to create a succulent roast that will have all of your guests coming back for second helpings.

When you purchase the pig from the butcher or farmer, have it fully dressed, and then placed in a strong plastic bag. Put this bag in your bathtub under ice until you are ready to begin cooking. Then, as you start your fire, lay the pig out on a counter, to allow it to come to room temperature.

You will be able to cook your pig with wood, charcoal, or propane. Remember, however, that this will affect how the pig tastes. Wood or charcoal should be burnt down to almost ash, and a propane grill should be set between 200 and 250 degrees.

Once the grill is prepared, prepare the pig. Rub oil on its backside, and rub salt on its inside. You can add other seasonings if you choose.  Once properly seasoned, place your pig ribs side down on the grill rack. Place the grill inside the pig roaster. Place the charcoals on top.

The entire cooking process for a 75 pound pig should take several hours. The temperature of the hind quarter should reach 160 when the pig is ending its cooking process. Once this temperature has been reached, slit the pig on either side of its backbone. Then, have two people turn the pig, one at the head and one at the ends. Do this by reaching underneath, and not by using the head or legs.

Grilled pig is often basted. If you choose to baste your hog, put a mixture of apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and a dash of hot sauce inside the pig’s ribs. Splash vinegar over the entire hog. Baste the pig frequently, until its internal temperature reaches 170 degrees. Then, the process is complete and you can serve your pig for a delicious, mouth-watering meal.