Early Summer Barbecue

La Caja China

Check out this beautifully cooked pig

La Caja China closer


Pig is closet

That skin looks good to go!

Pig in box from a different angle

That's a good looking box

That's a good looking pig

Pig waiting to get prepped

transferring tables

Pig in commute

Pig looking ready to eat

Almost ready to dig in

Thanks chef

Chef serving up the goodness

Getting ready to eat

Thanks Chef

Pulled pork served right

::Mouth watering::

Wonderful images of a pig roast with La Caja China

This barbecue occurred earlier in the summer, and I can remember the taste as if it were yesterday. I was lucky enough to snap great images from this event. It goes without being said, the pig roast from La Caja China was awesome. The chicharrón was crispy, and the mojo-seasoned meat was flat-out delicious. You can tell by the images that the pulled pork was to die for.

Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture of my plate, but the sides perfectly complimented the mojo pork. The moros and the plantains were the perfect combination to the savory lechón. Another delightful barbecue featuring a La Caja China in the books. Stay tuned.

Post pictures and your experiences at La Caja China’s facebook page.