Great Information to Know About a BBQ Pit Smoker Before Purchasing One

BBQ Pit SmokerBBQ Pit Smoker – What Do You Really Need?

If you are looking for a BBQ pit smoker there are many to choose from. First you should decide on the size of the pit you are looking for.

BBQ pits smokers come in many sizes. You can buy one small enough to be efficient for a single individual, or big enough to cook for one hundred people and then any number in between.

Many stores sell BBQ pit smokers. Discount stores like Wal-Mart and even Dollar Stores sell smokers. Wal-Mart’s prices can range from under $100.00 to over a few hundred, but if you are looking for something a little more elite, something that will feed many, many people you can check out local sports and outdoors stores.

Does Size Matter for a BBQ Pit Smoker?

If big is what you are looking for you can also find multiple dealers who sell or custom make extravagant barbeque pits. You can find custom built barbeque pit smokers that sit on large trailers and come equipped with counter tops, sinks, stoves and cabinets. These pits are often very heavy duty and can handle most of what the weather can dish out.

You can also buy a pit that is large, but to be set into an area of your backyard.

If you think you will only be using your future BBQ pit smoker for smaller cooking, for example burgers or a chicken, your best bet may be to stay with something small. Larger pits are normally used for businesses or even barbeque cook offs because they can cook a large number of meats at once. Or if you have throw parties often and have a large number of people over at your house then a larger pit might be for you.

You also need to decide what kind of smoker you would like to purchase. You can find smokers that use:

gas heat
charcoal for heat
wood for heat
or both wood and charcoal
This really depends on your preference. Many say using charcoal or wood for heat ads to the flavor of the meat, but gas may be cheaper in the long run.

More About a BBQ Pit Smoker

You can also find barbeque pit smokers that come with a fire box. On a longer pit the fire box is normally on one side of the pit. Wood is usually placed inside the fire and your meat is not cooked directly above it. Instead your meat cooks in a completely different section of your barbeque pit.

Then there are barbeque pits that allow you to have a flame directly under the meat you are cooking. You simply pull out the grill and place your wood or charcoal in the grill (normally there is a metal bowl for you to place your wood or charcoal here). Then once your flame dies down you place the grill back over the hot coals and start your meat.

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