Great Roasting Pig Techniques That Will Surely Make Your Gathering Unforgettable!

Roasting Pig

Roasting Pig

Roasting Pig – Make It Fun and Enticing

Perhaps the first question that owners of the new La Caja China will ask before roasting their pig is whether it comes with instructions. For this reason, this article will give a step-by-step guideline to help you to use the pan while doing your Roasting Pig procedure.

The initial step would be to put the pig ribs up in between the two internal racks and then use the “S” hooks to secure them. Put the charcoal or ash pan above to close the box and then place the charcoal grid on top.

Easy Roasting Pig Procedure

After that add 15 to 18 lbs. of the charcoal on the grid of the roaster and fire up. After roughly twenty minutes the coals should be gray equally before you can spread them over the entire area of the roaster box. Now, you can start to time the Roasting Pig process, letting one hour past before taking out the ash by raising and shifting the grid in order to empty the ash out of the pan.

At this point you should add another 10 lbs. of charcoal to the grill. After another hour, continue with the same procedure in order to take out the ash and put fresh charcoal. Once the third hour passes, it’s time to flip the pig. You can hold the edge of the top rack and very carefully flip the pig to get the skin side facing upwards. Replace the ash pan, charcoal and grid with some fresh charcoal. At this time, you will just need roughly 45 minutes before the skin will start to get crisp and your Roasting Pig will surely come out beautifully.

Roasting Pig – Finishing Touch

When the skin has attained a bronze color, you will be finished. In case you have a thermometer for meat you can use this to check the temperature of the pig. The required temperature to cook your pig is approximately 180 degrees. Probably the most impressive features of this roasting box would be its capability to function as a large pressure cooker and the fact that a whole pig can roast within 4 hours.

Now what are you waiting for? Order your own La Caja China roasting box and experience the fun and excitement of a great Roasting Pig event!