Hog Roast Catering Simplified with La Caja China

Pig RoastersIs there a large market for hog roast catering in your area? With the Cuban microwave, grilling pigs can be quick and easy. Hog roasting has several advantages over the traditional open-pit style, just the right fiesta for a family barbecue or company picnic.

The La Caja China is an aluminum box/grill, which is ideal for roasting pig, lamb, or other types of meat. It is also perfect for serving large crowds. Catering companies who specialize in hog roasting may consider purchasing a La Caja China, to ensure the quickest service, and highest quality, of their hog roasting specialties.

The La Caja China is a more efficient, more effective way to roast a hog. Rather than taking 8 to 10 hours, depending on the size of the hog, this Cuban microwave takes only 25% to 40% of the time. This means serving your guests, or your customer’s guests, in a much quicker manner. Rotisserie style cooking also often requires that someone turns the spit occasionally, to ensure thorough and even cooking. With the La Caja China, this is not a factor.

The La Caja China will also save on your cooking costs. To roast a pig in the traditional way, it often takes a lot of wood spit. It also takes the time to dig a hole, bricks to lay around the hole, and additional materials for roasting. The La Caja China takes from 2 to 3 bags of charcoal. Additionally, its box-like structure allows it to be used in any location, in any weather.

Finally, the La Caja China locks in a roasting pig’s flavor. By heating it inside the box-like aluminum grill, it is cooked to tender, flavorful perfection. This would be sure to please any amount of guests. The La Caja China can also act as a regular grill while roasting the hog. A grilling tray may be placed on top of the La Caja China, and is able to prepare hot dogs, barbecued chicken, hamburgers, kabobs, or any other kind of grilling delicacy while you and your guests wait for the hog to finish roasting.  The La Caja China makes hog roast catering convenient, inexpensive, and simple.