Hog Roasting Recipes and La Caja China Equals Savory Success

hog roasting recipesBy combining your succulent hog roasting recipes and La Caja China, you will be able to make a savory pig that will please even the pickiest of guests. These recipes are fast, simple, and flavored to your desire. The number of recipes that you can create using this unique hog roaster is vast. These recipes include whole hog with skin or without skin, hog that is slightly to very crispy, hog that is whole or in pieces, and hog that is seasoned to your desire.
All hog roasting recipes using this unique aluminum, box-like roaster are able to be created using some basic steps. By following these steps, and then altering them to perfect your specific recipe, you can use this grill for any occasion. It can also cook meats other than pig, and doubles as a grill.

The first step when following any recipe using this grill is to place the drip pan inside the roaster. Then, season the meat to your preference, and secure it between the two roasting racks, using 4 S-hooks. Place this assembly into the grill. Next, place the ash pan on top of the roasting racks, followed by the charcoal grid. Light the charcoal. Once it is lit, spread the charcoal out evenly, to distribute heat and allow for even cooking. Every hour, add additional charcoal, to continue cooking at an even heat.

Once the meat has reached the proper internal temperature, you can finish the cooking process. First, remove the ash pan and charcoal grid. Then, baste the meat if you choose, if the recipe calls for it. Then, flip the meat over, to allow crisping of the outer layer, or skin of the meat. Once the meat is flipped, place the ash pan and charcoal grid across the racks again. Check the meat every half hour by lifting the corner of the pan. Once it is crisped to your liking, you can remove the ash pan and charcoal grid, and take the racks out. Then, you can carve and serve the meat. By following these simple instructions, you can cook almost any meat using this unique roaster and your home made hog roasting recipes.