How a Spit Roast Pig Can Level Up Without Ruining Your Guests’ Attire

Spit Roast PigSpit Roast Pig – Kick it Up a Notch

Having a Spit Roast Pig at a garden party or BBQ is not Homer Simpson event. Cooking a Spit Roast Pig takes a lot of skill and much preparation. Understanding how to stuff a pig in order to keep the meat moist takes experience in large scale cooking. If Homer were to try to cook this it would be called charcoal pig not barbequed pork or Hog Roast so if you are worried that your Uncle Homer will come and ruin the day you can rest easy.

In order to spit roast a pig that will wow your guests takes a fairly long term commitment from sourcing the animal, stuffing it, stitching in the stuffing, preparing the skin, preparing the fire and knowing that you’ll have enough of the right wood/charcoal (or gas barbeque), the patience to turn the spit once every five to ten minutes for seven to eight hours and the skill to carving the pig without it falling apart a ruining in the fire.

Some Options For Your Spit Roast Pig

When you take these elements into consideration you can see that only a hardened amateur chef would attempt a Hog Roast and therefore an Outside Catering Company might be a better option if a Hog Roast BBQ takes your fancy. A small independent Catering Company will be able to offer you a selection of breeds of pig, lamb or goat! Will know the best stuffings for each and, most important with pork, create great crackling to tempt those on diets to take a day off.

Once you have outdoor caterers involved in the equation you can be sure that the cooking process will go down without issue and with their knowledge on carving the meat they’ll be able to serve your guests so that they won’t get grease, oil and charcoal over their nice clothes. Also an event catering company will know the best wood to use for each meat e.g. cherry logs for pork whereas if you attempt this alone you might find yourself with yew, which would give the meat an acrid flavour.

The Most Convenient Spit Roast Pig Option

So, if you’re worried about your guests’ clothes employ an event catering company and let them take the strain whilst you enjoy your guests company because after twelve hours of preparation I’m sure that you won’t have much energy to enjoy your guests or your Hog Roast for that matter.

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