How is a Homemade Pig Cooker Different From a Professionally Engineered One?

Pig Cooker

Build Your Own or Just Buy a High-End Pig Cooker?

The oil drum pig cooker is becoming more and more popular as people look to make the most of the summer sunshine in their back garden. The pig cooker is a great way of spicing up the entire BBQ experience and even better when you’re planning a party.

What has made the pig cooker such a hit is its slightly unusual quirky appearance. As well as feeding a bunch of people it’s a feature that offers a little interest to the surroundings. So if you’re keen to get yourself a pig cooker, maybe for an upcoming home party or maybe just to try it out with the family, what are your options?

Your Options for Having a Pig Cooker

There are several options, the first one is buying your own pig cooker. If you’ve tried a pig cooker before and think you’ll be using one a lot, well then buying one is indeed a good option. It’s pretty easy to work out if it makes sense for you, just weigh up the cost of renting one however many times you intend using one versus the cost of buying one. Pig cookers are a little more expensive than a medium to high-end BBQ and a little harder to find.

Alternatively you can rent, this is actually the option most people go for, because as great as pig cookers are for a BBQ, cooking one does involve a little more prep than for your standard BBQ, so most tend to use them only for particular occasions. If renting you can usually go for the pig cooker on its own, where you do all the work at home, or at a little more expense you can get someone to turn up at your house with the roaster, do all the cooking and carving and then take everything away again, it’s up to you and your budget.

Finally, the third option is to build your own oil drum pig cooker. For anyone with a few tools and a little space to work, this is a quite a good option. You end up with a simple pig cooker much cheaper than the ones in the market but not as durable and convenient. So as the name suggests the oil drum pig cooker is indeed made from a standard oil drum. Any steel container will do, old gas cylinders and beer kegs can also be used, but by far the most popular is the standard 55 gallon oil drum.

The Best Pig Cooker That You Can Have

The principle here is pretty simple. The Drum is cut in half and mounted onto a steel frame. The fire is set in the bottom half of the drum, with the upper half acting as a hood, to protect from the inevitable rain shower. The pig is mounted on a rotisserie which is just a steel rod than spans across the center of the drum, over the fire.

Getting this right is all in the design and pre-planning. At the same time it’s important not to get too hung up on the details, you’ll be most likely working with old scrap materials, so inch perfect dimensioning isn’t too important, you just have to make sure you understand broadly what your doing before you start cutting, then just get stuck in.

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