How to Enjoy Your Pig Roasting and Make Your Party Memorable

Pig Roasting

Pig Roasting

Pig Roasting – Made it Easy for You

Pig Roasting (hog roast for the southerners among us) is a holiday tradition we all love to follow, its fun and a great way to chill out with family and friends during a hot summer noon. To help you make a great BBQ meal meal, I am going to share some tips on Pig Roasting! Pig Roasting is a technique that not only brings out all the flavors in the meat in an amazing confluence, but also can become the potential focal point of your BBQ party or gathering.

Dealing with a full grown pig is a mighty task, not that it’s complex, but rather due to the size and bulk of the pig plus the time taken! The process of barbecuing a pig on spit roast is no different, hence planning out for the Pig Roasting is a good idea.

The Process of Pig Roasting

First of all you need a rotisserie that is sturdy enough to safely and efficiently turn the pig carcass over the fire at the speed you desire. This will in turn allow the pig to cook evenly on all sides and prevent burning. To set up the fire for Pig Roasting arrange charcoal or wood in two rows. The rows must run parallel through the entire length of the rotisserie with a gap of at least 8” between the two, so that there is no fire directly below the pig . This will prevent the any fire flare ups caused by the fat dripping over hot embers. Alternately you can set up the rotisserie over a grill.

Once the pig is dressed and ready to be cooked proceed to prepping the pig for BBQ. For this scour the skin in diagonal cuts all over the carcass starting from the shoulder blades to the rear end; this promotes the excess fat to drip out and also allows the meat to take in the flavors from the marinade better. Take ½ tsp of salt and a pinch of pepper for every 1 lb of meat and mix it together. Rub a quarter of this mix into the stomach cavity and another quarter onto the skin. Put in cloves of garlic and herbs into the skin cuts. The salt helps to make the skin crisp, and the garlic and herbs impart a subtle flavor to the pig roast. Inject mop sauce, vinegar, cider, or any other marinade of your choice in the ham area of the pig. This helps make the meat tender and allows the pig to retain its natural juices and moisture. If you wish to stuff the pig, then now is a good time to do it. Stuff it whatever you like – potatoes, rice, vegetables, chicken, anything that fancies you. After stuffing the pig, sew it up using bakers twine. Cover the ears, snout, and haunches with foil to prevent them from burning. Your pig is ready to be secured on to the rotisserie.

Wrapping Up Your Pig Roasting Process

As the pig cooks it tends to loosen up and fall off the rotisserie, hence securing the pig to the spit roast is critical. The rod of the spit roast is inserted in between the thighs, the rod then goes through the inner cavity (piercing the stuffing if any and not the meat) and comes out through the mouth. Since the spit does not pierce the meat as such, the pig is not secured at all. Use a large kitchen twine or chicken wire to tie the entire pig tightly to the spit rod. This has to be done aggressively to avoid any disasters.

Set up the rotisserie and spit over the fire or grill and cook. See to it that the pig is at least 1 foot above the fire to avoid burning. Pig Roasting is a slow and lengthy process. Do not be tempted to hasten it or you will end up with a meat that’s burnt on the outside and very rare on the inside. Baste the pig frequently during the cooking to enhance the flavor. Take care to keep adding fuel to the fire, constant temperature is essential for a good Pig Roasting. When done remove it from the spit, carve it and serve.

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