Cooking Techniques of Fish When Grilling on BBQ

How to Grill Fish on the BBQ?

How to Grill Fish on the BBQ?

Have you ever wondered how to grill fish on the BBQ? Grilling is a delicious and easy way to quickly cook fish without adding more than a tiny bit of extra fat! In the US, this is often greatly improved by adding herbs to the side of fish that is being grilled while you are cooking the fish. In other words, you actually grill the herbs along with the fish.

If you want to grill indoors (and don’t have an indoor BBQ) all you have to do is use a stove-top grill. This method can be used with a whole gutted fish or a fillet. It is best to leave the skin on your fish for this cooking method as it will protect the fragile flesh from breaking up during the cooking process.

Salt the fish (and pepper it, if you wish). If you want, you can make small diagonal slits in the skin to allow it to get more crispy while cooking and also to let in any other flavors you may want to add while preparing or cooking.

How to Barbecue a Whole Fish that Will Make it Tender?

Heat a stove top grill or barbecue grill on high heat until water splashed onto it sizzles. Then, very lightly grease your cast iron grill with a paper towel that has a little olive oil on it. When hot, lay the whole fish, skin-side down and allow to cook about 2/3 of the way through if you are cooking a fillet.

When it is 2/3 cooked, gently turn the fish over and quickly grill the other side (the remaining 1/3 of the fish). If you are grilling a whole fish, leave it to cook all the way through on one side and then turn it over and grill the other side. (Each “side” of the fish being up to the bone in the middle.)

The bigger the piece of fish, the “lower” the heat but you still need to grill the fish quickly at a high heat so only turn it down a bit. If you have a skinless filet and you only have a grill on which to cook it, I recommend that you grill it on top of a lightly oiled piece of parchment paper. You need to keep an eye on your fish and turn the heat down if necessary.

Best Tasting Grilled Fish on this Barbecue – La Caja China

Fish is almost translucent when raw and looses its translucence (becomes opaque) the instant that it is done. This is the exact moment to serve, as fish becomes rubbery very easily when over-cooked. Serve fish on a warm plate.
You can serve fish with olive oil and also with freshly squeezed lemon. You can also serve fish with a sauce.

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