La Caja China Pig Grill and A Big Pig Means Barbecue

hog roast

hog roast

Cuban style roasted pig is a family event requiring a La Caja China pig grill and a big pig. Don’t be shy about asking your local butcher or meat locker to help you select a pig for grilling; they have been asked this favor before. This is one of the few times you will not have to worry about color, make, model or the year of manufacturing, just ask if the pig was made in the USA.

Hosting a family barbecue is just another way of saying successful happy family get-together because a roasted pig guarantees enough food and fun for the whole extended family. If your family is about 50-60 in number, or that is the number of people you are inviting to the barbecue, then a 60-80 pound pig will be enough to feed everyone and have a few leftovers.

Prepare the pig by asking the butcher to clean the pig, but leave the head, ears, tail and feet. Ask that the hair be removed from the skin and the pig be already thawed. Pick up the pig the day before the barbecue and marinate it overnight in the refrigerator. If you don’t have a refrigerator large enough, keep it on ice overnight and it will be fine.

Before cooking the pig, bring it to room temperature. Split the pig so that it is splayed to assure even cooking. Cut several slits in the skin, but not through the skin, and insert garlic in the cuts. Rub the pig inside and out with mojo and salt. If you don’t have a personal mojo recipe, feel free to use ours on the recipe page.

Place the pig in the pig roaster and cook according to the whole pig worksheet. Serve with a side of slaw, hot rice, and grilled corn with jalapeno butter. Don’t forget the hushpuppies or a skillet cornbread to accompany the delicious barbecue.