La Caja China Pig Roaster Barbecue Pulled Pork Recipe

Would you like to whip up something new and delectable using your pig roaster? Well, this is a great opportunity to try out this new recipe! Let’s begin with our ingredients and prepare our La Caja China pig roaster.

Pig RoasterPrepare the Ingredients and Your Pig Roaster

First of all, you will need a pork shoulder.  Then, you need to prepare your sprice rub which consits of garlic, cumin, salt, sugar, and oregano.   Apply the rub on the pork shoulder a day ahead of time and allow it to sit in the fridge in a plastic wrap in order to let the spices really set in.

Remove the wrap at least an hour or so before placing inside your pig roaster. You will want to slow roast for this pulled pork recipe, meaning your pig roaster should have no more than 8 pounds of charcoal on it at any time. You will want to add fresh coals every hour or so, and allow the barbecue pork to cook for 2 to 3 hours, checking every hour when you add charcoal.

Check the Temperature of Your Pig Roaster

We recommend mopping with your favorite barbecue sauce at this time. The low heat will begin to break down the pork fat and begin to baste the shoulder in delicious natural juices. Use a meat thermometer (also available on our website: to check the temperature of the pork.

Once the internal temperature has hit 190 degrees, you are ready to remove your barbecue pulled pork from your La Caja China pig roaster and allow it to sit for a few hours until it has cooled to the point where it can be handled.

You will notice that the pork can be literally pulled clean from the bone, and that the exterior will have a delicious crisp crust. This is what having a La Caja China pig roaster is all about. Here is the list of ingredients for the barbecue pulled pork.

Cuban Barbecue Pulled Pork Recipe for Your Pig Roaster

1 pork shoulder

Spice Rub:

5 tbsp. garlic powder

2 ½ tsp. ground black pepper

1 ½ tbsp. salt

1 ½ tbsp. brown sugar

1 tbsp. ground cumin

1 tbsp. dried oregano


8-10 cloves of pressed garlic

1 ½ tbsp. salt

2/3 cup orange juice

¼ cup white vinegar

1 tsp. dried oregano

½ tsp ground black pepper

Combine the spices and apply to the pork shoulder. Wrap the shoulder well and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. Unwrap at least 2 hours before you plan to start cooking.

Pre-heat your La Caja China pig roaster with about 8 lbs of charcoal for 15-20 minutes and chuck the pork on fat side up. Baste with mop every hour when adding fresh charcoal. Remove when the meat’s internal temp hits 190.

Let the pork rest for at least 2 hours, then start pulling your pork!

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