Do It Yourself La Caja China Plans Not a Real Bargain

La Caja China pig roasterYou might have decided that a La Caja China style barbecue grill is the right product, but your budget just can’t handle the price. You may be a do it yourself homeowner who just likes to tinker and build. Whatever the occasion, we have La Caja China plans below if you are ready to build your own.

First, to build your Caja style China box you will need one sheet of 4 foot by 8 foot plywood, at the current cost of approximately $35. In addition, you need a metal inner lining of 1/16 inch thick; each 4 foot by 2 foot sheet will be $40 or more. When you include the interior drip pan, 40 inches by 22 inches, and the top ash pan, 48 inches by 24 inches, you need at least 3 sheets. So far you have spent upwards of $150 and you haven’t included the stainless steel racks, charcoal grid, handles, or wheels. You may add the cost of labor if you can’t do all the shaping yourself.

When you add up the costs and labor, it may not be cheaper to build your own Cajun microwave roasting box at all. If you add the frustration factor, the need to have a truck to haul the materials, the need for a welder to seal the steel inner box, and the various tools needed to put everything together, well,

one new Chevy Silverado Pickup to haul materials                            $35,000

one new Lincoln Electric Arc Welder                                                    $5,599

one Craftsman Tool box with set of tools                                             $2,500

Parts for home unit of Cajun microwave                                              $400

Time for assembling roasting box                                                     not enough

Price for new La Caja China box, already assembled            priceless

The real cost of do it yourself La Caja China assembly is the time spent away from friends and family when you could be enjoying the fun and food. Check out the selection of whole pig roasting boxes on our website and invite the friends over for a brew and barbecue.