Outdoor Cooking Made Easy with a Cajun Microwave

Cajun MicrowaveThe Cajun microwave is an innovative means of outdoor cooking with delicious and pleasant results. This device is a great alternative to cooking over a small camping fire and can cook large amounts of food slowly and evenly. A Cajun microwave works similarly to a Dutch oven. Items are cooked in a specially made wooden box, generally constructed of cypress wood, by heat radiating from burning charcoal or wood that rests on the stainless steel cover. Temperatures usually reach 225 to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Different accessories can be used inside and outside the Cajun microwave. The grate on the inside can be replaced with metal pots, rotisseries, and stands for whole chickens or turkeys. Not only can you slow roast large cuts of meats, but wrapping vegetables in foil and roasting them is a popular method of cooking side dishes. With the pot inserts, you can make long simmering stews and chilies for camping comfort food, or in case of inclement weather to chase off the chill. The heat from the coals can also be utilized with a grill tray on top of the cover, acting as a barbecue grill for burgers and hot dogs.

Caring for your Cajun microwave is simple. There are a few small holes in the bottom of the roasting box to drain grease from and a collecting pan can be used to catch drippings. To remove grease from the inside of them box wash it out with soapy water and rinse. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly. Alternatively, the bottom of the box can be lined with foil before each use to reduce cleaning and eliminate most of the greasy buildup.

If you are cooking for a large camping group, outdoor family event or community luau, the Cajun microwave is perfect. While everyone is enjoying the horseshoe and corn bag games, or maybe cruising in the speedboat on the lake, it will be slow roasting food for hours, resulting in a crispy meat dish with a delicious juicy middle, grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob, and familiar barbecue recipes and favorites at the same time. Probably the most popular feature of the Cajun microwave is the fast and easy clean, because, really, who wants to wash dishes when there is a lake waiting for the Jet Ski?