Pig Cookers – La Caja China History and More

La Caja China Pig Cookers History

It was Christmas in 1985 when Roberto Guerra’s father first mentioned the long, wooden box he remembered from his childhood. The younger Guerra was cooking a pig on a makeshift barbecue but was complaining about the time and hassle involved.

His father told him how the old contraption, mysteriously called la caja china (the Chinese box), could dramatically cut roasting times. Intrigued, Guerra asked his father to build one. A few years later, La Caja China, the company, was born in South Florida.

Best Pig Cookers in the market todayLa Caja China Pig Cookers

La Caja China’s initial market was the sizable Cuban-American population in the Miami area but has since grown to include barbecue and roasting enthusiasts around the country. Of the 8,000 roasting boxes sold last year via the Internet and by telephone, more than 90 percent went to buyers outside the area.

The box has also become the toast of many food writers and celebrity chefs. One 2004 feature about the apparatus in The New York Times helped triple sales and increase traffic to the company’s website tenfold. Making the company’s most popular model requires cutting and joining large pieces of plywood to form the box, and then scoring, bending and spot welding aluminum sheeting to form a lining.

Other metal parts such as the charcoal tray and grid and the drip tray are produced in the company’s factory in Medley, Fla. The rest – the racks, handles and hooks that line the box inside – are outsourced. Says Guerra, “It’s very important for me to know when I’m going to get my supplies in, because one day makes a huge difference.”

Dual action – Dual Purpose – La Caja China Pig Cookers

The La Caja China, may be the greatest all around cooking station I have ever seen or used. I have Weber Grills, New Braunfels side box BBQ and 3 different smokers. The La Caja China can replace all of these units with just a few accessories. With the addition of a grill you can turn your La Caja China into a BBQ Grill. Add a Rotisserie unit and you have upgraded to the top of the line barbecues.

If that is not enough you can also make your unit into a smoker. Some one described the ability to smoke food as having a complete spice rack in a box and I truly believe this to be true. Having the ability to slow cook and smoke foods makes the BBQ in my opinion. With the addition of the La Caja China smoke generator, I get the best of both worlds.

A Rotisserie, Grill, smoke house, Pig Cookers all in one unit: How could it get any better than that? Perhaps a Beer Cooler attachment!

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