Martha Stewart Cooks Pig Roast Using La Caja China


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The Best Pig Roaster Ever Made

Pig Roast

Pig Roast

Even the respected TV host and personality Martha Stewart herself couldn’t believe her own eyes after seeing the featured La Caja China Pig Roaster perform in their first annual grilling special, “Grilling Secrets of the Master Chefs”. Together with Roberto Guerra, creator/owner of La Caja China and has been in this line of business for 23 years, the two and everyone else in the set had a delightful experience preparing, cooking and even feasting on a roasted pig.

Roberto Guerra first demonstrated and taught Martha how to prepare the hog before cooking it. The TV host, considering that she has already visited a lot of countries and tried different delicacies was obviously very excited and could not wait until the suckling pig is cooked using La Caja China. The reason for this is, she loves discovering new and interesting ways to cook outdoors.

With just a handful of magic touches by Roberto Guerra, this episode was a major success allowing Martha and their audience to see right before their eyes how La Caja China works flawlessly by cooking the pig roast evenly and deliciously in a lesser time.

How Roberto & Martha Prepared the Pig Roast

    • Firstly, they placed a 45 lb dressed (cleaned) pig on the table to be prepared in marinating. Be sure that the pig’s rib cages are open widely because this will assure that every part of the pig will be flavored.
    • Then Roberto and Martha mixed some flavoring, juices and spices in a bowl and stirred until all the ingredients are blended together.
    • After mixing all the ingredients, they strained the juice leaving the solid parts and residues in the strainer. (Do not throw away the solid parts of the ingredients)
    • A huge syringe was used to suck the juice that was filtered from their mix and this will be injected to the shoulders and hind legs of the pig to contain the flavours. This procedure was done repeatedly. Three shots in the shoulders and four to five in the hams.
    • The solid parts of the mix are then slathered on to the pig’s rib cage and extra spices and flavourings are mixed and added on the pig.
    • After the marinade is complete, the pig will then be kept refrigerated for at least twenty-four hours.
    • After allowing the hog to stay in the fridge for twenty-four hours it is now ready to be cooked.


How the Roasted Pig Was Cooked Using La Caja China

    • Secure the pig onto the La Caja China rack attached on the galvanized dripping tray by clipping the hooks together in order to hold the pig firmly by the time that you need to flip it over.
    • Place the pig that is attached on the rack and the dripping tray inside the box to get it ready for cooking.
    • Cover the box with the top covering tray and spread the charcoal over it. You start with sixteen pounds of charcoal and you add eight pounds of charcoal every hour.  Let the pig cook for a couple of hours before flipping it.
    • After a couple of hours you are ready to flip the pig over to be cooked and wait for another couple of hours which makes a total of four hours cooking time.

Once the roasted pig is cooked, it will surely be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside as what Martha Stewart and her live audience have witnessed on that day!

La Caja China is perfectly engineered by high-end materials to withstand extreme heat and functions as an oven. You can cook almost everything from vegetables, chickens, turkeys, lambs and more! For more information on how to cook your pig roast with La Caja China, visit at

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