Roast Pig Recipe with La Caja China Always Refreshing

Roast Pig Recipe with La Caja ChinaThe option of cooking a whole pig on a La Caja China grill, rather than a spit, allows for a range of roast pig recipes. A properly roasted pig will be flavorful, juicy, and cooked to perfection, with the inside deliciously tender, and the outside as crisp as you wish. Even those experienced with roasting a pig on a spit may need a recipe when first using this unique grill.

Cooking a roast pig on a grill can be very simple. First, place the pig between the two cooking racks, securing it with 4 S-hooks. Then, place the drip pan inside the grill. On top of the drip pan place the pig, with its ribs facing upward. Once the pig is inside, place the ash pan, and then the charcoal grid, on top of the racks.

After assembly, charcoal should be placed atop the grid, and then lit, using self-igniting charcoal if necessary. Then, spread the charcoal evenly across the top of the grid. After waiting for one hour, add a second batch of charcoal, followed by a third after waiting another hour. Then, wait for thirty minutes and add a fourth batch of charcoal.

After this amount of time, your pig will be nearly cooked. Thirty minutes after adding the fourth batch of charcoal, lift the ash pan, using it to shake the charcoal grid. After setting these aside, use the unique rack system to easily flip the pig over for crisping. To allow better crisping, score the skin of the pig with a knife. Once this has been done, place the pig inside, ribs down, followed by the ash pan and charcoal grid.

Wait thirty minutes to check the crispiness of the pig. Do this by lifting the corner of the grill. This will keep the majority of the heat inside the grill. Continue checking every thirty minutes until the pig is crisped to your desire.

It is very simple to use a roast pig recipe with La Caja China, a unique, aluminum grill. By following this recipe, you will end up with a pig that is tender inside, crispy outside, and full of flavor comparable to that of a pig roasted on a spit.