Andrew Zimmern Cooks Pig Roast With La Caja China!

La Caja China Style Roasted Pig


Roasted Pig

Roasted Pig

Join and watch Andrew Zimmern as he showcases the only roasting box that is perfectly engineered to bring out that delectable taste in your food, La Caja China in “Bizzare Foods America” Andrew visits Miami to meet with Roberto Guerra – the owner and creator of La Caja China Roasting Box.

Andrew was invited by the Cuban-American business owner Roberto to feature his company and his cutting-edge roasting equipment that everyone’s dying to have for cooking roasted pig and other foods as well.

“Bizzare Foods America”covered everything and took clips of Roberto’s warehouse showing how La Caja China is thoroughly manufactured while Andrew and Roberto talk about La Caja China’s history. Also, they showed the whole process – from how Robert picks the live pig where he purchases them, to preparing it before setting it inside the box. Basically showing how La Caja China works and brings out its magic to your pig roast.

How Andrew & Roberto Cooked the Pig Roast

    • They first picked out and bought a pig that weighs about 60 lbs. So by the time the pig is gutted, it will just weight 40-45 lbs. and that would be the best size to be placed inside the box for cooking.
    • After a short while, the pig that they have chosen is already cleaned inside and out and ready to be taken home for marinating.
    • They both head back to Roberto’s warehouse in nearby Medley where he manufactures La Caja China.
    • They now prepared the cleaned pig by injecting the spices and juices in the front and hind legs. Also, they slather some seasoning and left over spices all over the pig’s rib cage for extra flavouring.
    • The hog now is placed inside the La Caja China which also sometimes referred to as the “Magic box” Then this is covered with the tray of burning coals on top of it which functions like a broiler.
    • After four hours of cooking, two hours on each side of the pig – They pull out the roasted pig out of the box.

Why La Caja China is the Best for Roasting a Pig

    • All of the pig’s flavour and aroma are kept inside the roasting box, the reason why nothing will be wasted before consuming the meat.
    • It makes the pig absolutely crispy on the outside and extra juicy and tender on the inside. “It’s pure foreseen pleasure, tip to tail” as Andrew would put while devouring on the roasted pig.
    • It’s easy and economical, unlike other conventional types of ovens or roasters which will cook the pig for a longer time

So, don’t be left behind! Cooking will never be the same again as La Caja China will bring you to a whole new level and you will definitely savour the fun. Visit us at or call us at 1-800-338-1323 and purchase your own La Caja China for all of your pig roasting events.

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