La Caja China Captivates Mo Rocca in Pig Roasting

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Roasting a Pig with a Cutting-Edge Roasting Box

Roasting a Pig

    • “What more can you ask for with La Caja China” as many people would put after purchasing and trying this magnificent magic box. You’ve already got your rotisserie, your oven, your pit and a lot more all in one!
    • This masterpiece absolutely has all the strengths of other conventional roasting equipment out there and none of their weaknesses. So, with La Caja China  — roasting a pig will never be the same again.
    • Mo Rocca, a well-renowned TV personality and journalist also witnessed and was fascinated with how La Caja China works. With only four hours of waiting, the roasted pig was cooked evenly and delectably.
    • Most of all, since La Caja China function like an oven as it traps all the aroma and flavouring so there is nothing wasted. Roberto even stressed out that timing is very important in pig roasting because the skin has to be crispy otherwise you don’t know what you’re doing.

Why La Caja China is Perfect for Pig Roasting

    • It is engineered specifically to withstand extreme heat and the materials are all high-end for long-lasting usage.
    • It cooks the pig in only four hours, unlike other conventional ovens or roasting boxes which take longer before it can cook the pig.
    • It cooks your roast pig evenly, leaving it with no burns and above all – Since all the heat is trapped inside, it will definitely make it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
    • Due to its innovative design, you can bring La Caja China anywhere and it will absolutely fit in any occasion.

Purchase Only the Original for Cooking Your Pig Roast

Many have tried doing a reproduction of La Caja China but one thing is for sure,  its materials and long- lasting durability can never be fabricated. Don’t settle for less, so purchase your own La Caja China Roasting box now. Visit us at for more information!

Cooking your food using La Caja China will surely bring excellence to whatever you prepare since this magic box can cook almost anything – from chickens, vegetables, turkeys, lambs and A LOT more! Bring your Pig Roasting to the next level and make that simple barbecue party a memorable one.

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