Roberto Guerra and Martha Stewart Team Up to Roast Pigs Using La Caja China on Martha Stewart’s Television Show

Miami, Florida, June 24, 2011 — Roberto Guerra, creator of La Caja China, will be featured on “Martha Stewart Presents: Grilling Secrets of the Master Chefs.” The popular show airs on Friday, June 24th at 8:00 PM EDT on the Hallmark Channel and runs for 60 minutes.

Recorded on Thursday and Friday June 9 and 10, 2011 at Stewart’s farm in New York, the show features Guerra and five renowned chefs. Guerra and each of the chefs created and cooked a special barbeque recipe with Martha Stewart for a private party she held at her farm. Guerra showed up with his La Caja China.

La Caja China is the wooden grilling box responsible for roasting a whole pig perfectly in less than four hours. Guerra has been manufacturing and distributing La Caja China for nearly 20 years, and has sold tens of thousands La Caja China worldwide.

Succulent recipes and simple instructions make the task of roasting a whole pig fun and easy. The affordable roasting box is popular among friends and family; and with professional chefs and caterers looking for tastier, more creative ways to present their food. “Everyone enjoys the pig roasting box, especially chefs, because it cooks a whole pig perfectly with a crispy skin in under four hours every time,” said Guerra. “It takes the guesswork out of pig roasting. And it worked like a charm at Martha Stewart’s farm.”

During Thursday’s filming sessions, Guerra and Stewart marinated the pig together, spreading herbs, spices and sauces. Later, they roasted the pig in La Caja China. “She was just great,” Guerra said of Martha Stewart. “She was very helpful and insightful. We prepared the pigs together; she was completely involved. I explained that La Caja China is fool proof, that anyone can roast a whole pig perfectly. It is a ‘magic box.’”

On Friday, the party began. While the other chefs prepared their tasty barbeque, interest began to grow in what Guerra was preparing in La Caja China. Guerra and Stewart flipped the pig together. Later, they removed the coals, pulled out the perfectly roasted pig and placed it on the table. Pork cooked in La Caja China tastes different than other cooking methods. Meats prepared in the “magic box” are more succulent and tender; and the meats are tastier because the radiant heat, unlike direct heat, does not burn away flavor.

“The other chefs, including Emeril Lagasse, were very interested in our perfectly cooked pigs,” Guerra said. “They were quite impressed. Martha and I were cutting the pig and serving her party guests. It was a wonderful time. Even Emeril was eating pork. It was a party! It was a pleasure to work with Martha Stewart. She is a very nice person. She has my respect and friendship.”

For two decades, La Caja China International, Inc., has manufactured and distributed La Caja China pig roasting boxes. The company is located in Miami, Florida. For more information visit:, or call 786-554-8122.