Spit Roast a Pig – What They Are and Why Have Them for Your Parties!

spit roast pigA spit roast pig or hog roast has evolved massively recently. In their basic form, this is essentially a hog or pig mounted on a spit and cooked for a given length of time over a gas or wood fire. Put like that, you’d never want one for any event but they have changed massively in recent times.

A Modern hog or spit roast pig is generally large portable gas fired barbecues, much larger than your home version, they can be towed by vehicles making them extremely mobile and are usually made from food grade stainless steel. The design enables very large hogs or other meat carcasses to be cooked evenly and allow for a fat drip off into a bottom vessel so that the entire unit can be kept very clean.

Spit Roast a Pig for Your Special Celebration

First, they are very versatile, pig roasters can go anywhere a car can go.  So if you are having a party in the middle of a field, you will have no problem with having a spit roast pig. Secondly, they are tasty, everyone generally likes pork and other meats can also be roasted including lamb or beef so you can accommodate most guests needs. The meat is generally served in rolls and usually pork is accompanied with an apple sauce and possibly a salad.

Benefits of Spit Roasting a Pig

The problem of feeding a large crowd can be fixed with a spit roast pig. Good for any holiday, spit-roasting an entire carcass can in most cases become the focus of any celebration.

Although time consuming, the end result of roasting a whole pig on a spit is worth it but be aware that a spit roast can either be a complete success or an absolute disaster.

They are also incredibly cost effective, typically the cost of a hog roast for 100 people is less than a standard party venue or events caterer would charge for a main meal or buffet. Finally, hog roasts caterers generally know what they are doing and have typically catered for a large number of events and the quality of their service determines their business reputation.

How to Find a Spit Roast Pig Supplier

First, ask for recommendations from friends or families, this is always your first port of call. Ask at your venue or marquee hire company, they should be able to recommend a good quality local hog roast supplier. Finally, look in your local directories. These tips can help you to locate suppliers in your local county or state!

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