Spit Roast Pig – Perfect For Setting Up Your Party Ala Luau

Spit Roast Pig

Spit Roast Pig

Spit Roast Pig – Kick It Up Several Notches Ahead

If you are thinking of a great party idea this summer and think a luau has been done too many times, but you really want one anyway. Take a regular Luau Party and kick it up several notches higher. Here are a few ideas to separate your party from the rest. The first thing you need to do is find a spit roast pig and find yourself a high-end modern Roasting box.

Nowadays you need something that will make your job easier and faster. You need La Caja China Roasting box that will cater to all your roasting needs. It’s elegant, cooks faster and it will surely bring out the best in your spit roast pig. Unlike those traditional spit roaster equipment, it slows down your job because it takes too long to cook your spit roast pig or any of your food. This is going to be the one thing that will elevate your party.

Spit Roast Pig – Will Taste Amazing If Done Correctly

This traditional Hawaiian method of cooking which is cooking a spit roast pig is usually done with a whole pig, but you can roast other meats, just ask what else is on the menu especially when you are using La Caja China Roasting box. Add pineapples and coconuts to your menu and drinks and your set. Don’t tell your guest about this yet, you know they will expect regular barbecue and beer. So when they arrive and see what’s cooking, you will get the chance to see their reaction.

Now put your thinking cap on and get creative with your decorations. Inflatable palm trees are a classic decoration choice. Hang Hawaiian lanterns over your porch lights and other light fixtures in your party area. Torches or candles along the path ways are great additions. If you have the resources, you can have sand on one area of your backyard.

Spit Roast Pig -There Are More To It

You can set up a small bonfire there too and place logs or short benches around it with buckets of marshmallows and some skewers. Just make sure to keep an eye on it through out the party. Your drinks, alcoholic or not, should keep a colorful theme. Kool-Aid with pineapples and tiny umbrellas are a hit with the kids, and the adults would enjoy it too. And of course, don’t forget to greet your guests with Hawaiian leis or flower bracelets as they come in.

Spit roast pig caterers have probably done something similar to this before, so you can talk to them about design ideas and what decorations they may have collected from previous engagements and see if that will fit your vision. That said, make it a habit to make your caterers your best friend for the party, you will never know what freebies you can get from it. As a general rule, you really should be extra nice to the people cooking your food. These are just a few ideas out of the hundreds you can find on the internet.

To accentuate your party and to make your job easier whether you’re going to hire your caterer or you’re going to cook your food yourself, use La Caja China Roasting box to get all the advantages that you’ll need in cooking your spit roast pig