The Winning, Pig Roasting Kit that Beat Bobby Flay

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The Winning Recipe Kit

The malta recipe kit that beat Bobby Flay in ‘Throwdown’ is available for purchase

Roberto “Robert” Guerra, founder and president of La Caja China which manufactures and distributes La Caja China consumer and commercial pig roasting grills, has made public and is selling in kit-form on its Web site the recipe for pork that took down professional chef Bobby Flay in the chef’s famed “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay” seen on the Food Network. A panel of judges unanimously chose Guerra’s Malta Recipe over Flay’s own recipe.

The Malta Recipe Kit includes: a bottle of Cuban style Mojo and a jar of Adobo to marinade the pork; a can of sweet guava shells; two bottles of malta to mix with brown sugar to smother the meat prior to cooking and after it has cooked; oven instructions; and a recipe card for filing.

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