Why Pig Roaster BBQ Grills Will Definitely Be Spectacular For Your Parties

Pig Roaster

Pig Roaster

Set Your Pig Roaster As The Showcase

The BBQ party is a great way to entertain. However there is a subtle difference in entertaining a small crown of friends with a back yard BBQ party and trying to entertain and cater for a bigger crowd, possibly for a larger family occasion. The standard or smaller Pig Roaster BBQ is great for fewer scale get-togethers, and is a perfect accompaniment to an intimate setting.

The subtle change occurs when you increase the number of people and the atmosphere looses its intimacy, you start to approach the party type atmosphere. Often the BBQ can struggle to cope with this change in group dynamic, essentially the Pig Roaster BBQ changes from being the focal point and theme of the evening.

Upgrade Your Pig Roaster

If you want to maintain that Pig Roaster BBQ buzz with a bigger crowd you have to somehow boost the presence of the Pig Roaster BBQ itself and return it to being the focal point. Hands down, the best way to do this is by substituting the smaller BBQ with a bigger  pig roaster. A pig roaster is a much more dramatic affair than the standards BBQ grill and is a great ‘theme builder’ for an evening! A real sense of anticipation grows as people can actually see and smell their food slowing cooking throughout the evening!

As well as the atmosphere benefits of a pig roaster, it’s practical too. It feeds a lot of people and takes relatively little maintenance while it’s cooking.

Purchase The Best Pig Roaster

If you want a pig roaster, you can buy one, make one or rent one. My personal preference is to buy the best one for investment or build my own, but that tends to be my attitude to most things, there’s no problem with renting one if that’s your preference.

Sticking with the ‘build your own option’, the best way to start is with an old 55 gallon oil drum. In my opinion these are one of the better bi-products of the oil industry!! You can use them for so much.

With a few simple tools, about half a days work and a little bit of advice, you should be able to put together a pretty decent oil drum pig roaster, put less than it’ll cost to buy the pig to roast on it. This is a great economy solution by anyone’s standards!

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